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This is a controversial issue and I'm not necessarily convinced either way, but thought sushis and possibly others on my friends list might be interested in what Dr. Ben Kim has to say about the H1N1 vaccine.

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knitting blog

I made a separate blog for knitting/crafty stuff: http://nerauliasknitting.blogspot.com/


Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale 

This made me grin.


 Gets better with repeat viewings. lyrics

Jay Smooth is so on point, as usual. I'm all for fucking around on the internet and getting stupid, but a foundation of respect for others' humanity is a necessary thing. This includes not cracking on people (whose names may or may not be Q) for their ethnicities or countries of origin when there are much more lulzy things about them.

Love to all. I am not criticizing anyone, just needed to state my position.


Finally got around to posting knitting photos. Below is a mitten I'm currently working on (and currently stuck on, even though it's a noob pattern). The other stuff I've knit so far (scarf, discloths) is here


5 favorite songs from 2008

Edit: Added imeem playlist so you don't have to click around to hear these.

Music has greatly enriched my year! Last.fm links for the first two - had to find alternate sources for the rest.

1. NIN - Echoplex

NIN is obviously my obsession. This track is from The Slip, if you've been sleeping.

2. TV on the Radio - Lover's Day

Have performed live with Peter Murphy and Trent Reznor (for example, the TVotR song Dreams). Dear Science is the first album of theirs that I picked up - love it.

3. Tricky - Past Mistake (hear the album)

Loved for years, critic's darling. The new album, Knowle West Boy, is more accessible than his earlier work.

4. ohGr - Smogharp (YouTube rip)

My favorite track off Devils in My Details.

5. Gina Young - The Boy on the Bus (scroll down to this song on the left and click play)

Political song from the wonderful Gina Young, on 3am Voice. Her first two albums are also excellent.

favorite songs from 2008


let's go after the buddhists

So funny. Thanks to tanyahp for mentioning this guy.



nin a day moving to meta_reznor

Today's and future "NIN a day" entries will be posted to meta_reznor. Rejoice, o ye friends list members who are not fans of NIN.